Transfer Season Parking

Permanent Transfer of Season Parking Ticket

You can apply to transfer your Season Parking Ticket (SPT) for a permanent change to another vehicle or parking place.

Transfer to another vehicle

Transfer is allowed if the vehicle is owned by same owner. If the vehicles are owned by different person or companies, please check your eligibility.

Car or Motorcycle

Heavy Vehicle

If you are changing vehicle and retaining the old vehicle registration number, please update your vehicle’s record via the Update in-Vehicle Unit number service. You do not need to apply for transfer to another vehicle. 

Transfer to another parking place

Transfer is allowed if you are eligible for a season parking ticket at the new parking place. Please check your eligibility here.


Temporary Transfer of Season Parking Ticket

You can temporarily transfer your season parking ticket to another vehicle at the season parking place or cancel an existing temporary season parking ticket.

Application & approval process

You may apply for a temporary transfer of vehicle when your original vehicle is undergoing repair or you are waiting for the delivery of your new vehicle. You can apply for a maximum of 14 days. Extension of the period is allowed up to 30 days with submission of supporting documents.

The application will be auto-approved for customers with not more than 3 applications submitted in the last 6 months.

For customers with more than 3 applications submitted in the last 6 months, the application is subject to approval with submission of supporting documents.

Note: Motorists with an active temporary season parking cannot make further changes within its validity period. The existing temporary season parking has to be cancelled/ expired before another temporary/ permanent transfer can be performed.

Terms and Conditions

View the terms and conditions for the purchase of season parking ticket, according to the different ticket types

Car – Others

Car – Residential


Heavy Vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

Our system recognises that the season parking has been allocated to your temporary vehicle during the requested temporary period. You need to revoke the temporary pass before transferring the Season Parking Ticket (SPT) to your new vehicle.

Please send an email request to to revoke the temporary pass and transfer the SPT to your new vehicle.

We will inform you of your request outcome.

You can apply online for a temporary pass to use the Season Parking Ticket (SPT) for a different vehicle, if the original SPT vehicle is unavailable.

The application will be auto-approved. However, if you have made more than three temporary pass applications within a period of six months, the application will be reviewed, and you will be required to provide supporting documents.

Apply, Check and Pay