Meet our Colleagues!

Shaping Singapore’s Future

 “It is a simulating and exhilarating job, where my analytical and problem-solving skills are constantly put to the test to find the best solutions to problems involving multiple stakeholders and interests.”

- Planner and URA Scholar, Daniel Leong


 “The work done here is very feasible and I strongly feel that URA has a wide variety of career options to choose from. The plans and the works that we do are meaningful as they directly affect how residents go about living in Singapore with their loved ones.”

- Director (seconded out) and URA Scholar, Benjamin Chan


“Together with our Information Systems department, we explore innovative ways to use technology smartly to enhance the way we plan, manage our urban environment and infrastructure and improve the quality of life for residents.”

- Architect and URA Scholar, Eugene Lau


“I take a broad overview of upcoming plans for Singapore and am currently involved in several inter-agency studies that look into the potential impacts of new developments on the environment, in addition to studies on how to better optimise land-use.”

- Planner and URA Scholar, Ng Yi Wen 


“Architecture is building and user-oriented in many ways, while the work at URA encompasses urban design, shaping the developments in relation to the urban environment. In that way, you consider not just the individual building, but also its impact and contribution to its context.”

- Architect and URA Scholar, Tham Cheng-E


“We have to take into consideration policy guidelines, while ensuring that we safeguard the community’s interests and balance the needs of the landowners, the developers and the neighbours. All this has to be done in a committed service time-frame. At the end of the day, when I approve the development, I want the building to make sense and benefit the end users.”

- Planner, Chim Chai Yong


“I have developed an immense appreciation for the amount of planning, design and coordination work that takes place behind the scenes to ensure that the city functions well and that public good is well-considered.”

- Architect and URA Scholar, Janice Tan