Home Office Scheme

Under the Home Office (HO) scheme, home owners, tenants or occupants of private residential properties can set up small-scale offices in their homes, as long as they satisfy the prevailing HO guidelines and performance criteria, and ensure that the use does not cause amenity problems to the neighbours.

You can register to set up a home office in your private home or HDB flat and hire up to 2 non-resident employees. This is provided that the business does not cause disturbance or inconvenience to the neighbouring residents.

Anyone who is the owner, tenant or any authorised occupant of a private residential property and wish to operate a Home Office (HO) can register with URA. For HO in HDB flats, the owner, tenant or any authorised occupant of the HDB flat can register with HDB

If you are not the owner, you have to obtain written consent from the owner before you register for the HO use.

Validity of the Home Office Permit

The one-time permit is valid for the duration of your home office business. It may be revoked if conditions are breached.

Restrictions and Conditions for the Home Office Scheme

Restrictions and performance criteria ensure that the scale of the home office use is kept small so that it does not disturb or cause inconvenience to the neighbours. These include:

  • not hiring more than 2 non-resident employees
  • not displaying any external business signage or advertisements
  • not generating noise, smoke, odour, waste matter or dust
  • the use does not fall within the list of businesses that are not permitted under the HO scheme (e.g. car trading business, shops and any form of retail activity, etc)

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