Court Summons and Warrant of Arrest

Find out why Court Summons are sent, and how to settle them. You can also find information on Warrant of Arrest in this section.

When a parking offence is committed, reminder notices will be sent to the vehicle owner or driver requesting for settlement. If there is no payment made by the grace period, court action will be initiated, and a Court Summons will be sent to the defendant for his/her compliance. 

If no payment is made and the defendant does not attend court on the court date given, a Warrant of Arrest (WA) will be issued.

1. How do I settle my Court Summons (for individual only)?

You can pay the composite amount before the payment due date specified in the Court letter at or at any AXS station.

If you miss the payment due date, you can plead guilty at the Automated Traffic Offence Management System (ATOMS) at the AXS station. This is only applicable for 1st time Court Mentions. To close the case, you will be required to pay $300 by 5pm on the given court date.

Otherwise, you are required to attend Court on the Court Mention Date. A Warrant of Arrest will be issued against you if you are absent from Court.

2. How do I settle my Warrant of Arrest (WA)?

You may check on your outstanding WA here. You will need your SingPass.

Alternatively, you can also check with the Warrant Enforcement Unit (WEU) of the Singapore Police Force using your SingPass, or call WEU at 6557 5017. 

You are to report to WEU to get a new Court date (referred to as execute the warrant) once your Warrant is active. You have to bring along a bailor who is at least 21 years of age, and is a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, is not a bankrupt and does not have any pending criminal proceedings against him or her. Please check on your bail type before executing your Warrant of Arrest.

If you have an outstanding Warrant of Arrest, you will not be allowed to:

  • Renew your road tax
  • Drive, if your driving license is suspended/revoked
  • Renew your URA/ HDB season parking ticket.

Your vehicle may also be clamped or towed away.

You may also be arrested for your outstanding Warrant. Once you are arrested, you will not be able to pay for your parking offences. You will have to attend court on the Court Mention date to make your plea and pay a court fine.

Once you have settled your outstanding Warrant, you should print the clearance slip. This allows you to apply for your road tax, work permit, employment pass and renew your season parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The penalty would be a maximum Court Fine of up to $2,000 and/or an imprisonment of up to 3 months.

Vehicle owners were given opportunities to provide the driver’s particulars within the stipulated grace period, or otherwise make payment for the notice. However, if the vehicle owner fails to respond to our request within the grace period given, Court actions would be initiated against the vehicle owner for failing to provide the driver’s particulars.

The Court Mention Date has been fixed in advance and you are required to attend Court on that date. A Warrant of Arrest will be issued against the defendant if he/she is absent from Court on the Court Mention Date.

You can get more information at the State Court website.

A cash bail is imposed for defendants with multiple Warrant of Arrests. You will be required to present a Cashier's Order payable to "Registrar, State Courts". You can purchase the Cashier's Order from major banks.

You can call the Warrant Enforcement Unit at 6557 5017 for more information on your Warrant of Arrest and cash bail.

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