You can find information related to buying and renting out private residential properties, including landed and strata-titled property, within Singapore. For buying or renting out a HDB residential property, visit HDB website for more information.

Private residential property

Buying Property

When buying a private residential property, there are many factors to consider and look into. You should familiarise yourself with these considerations which may affect your purchase.

Renting Property

Private properties approved for residential use may not be used for short-term rentals on a daily or weekly basis. Private residential properties must be rented out for at least three consecutive months. If you own a private property and wish to rent it out, you have to adhere to the following rules.
Property rental
Property Renovation

Renovating Private Residential Property

Depending on the type of your property (e.g. detached house or flat) and the nature of the renovation works (e.g. room extension, earthcut or earthfill), you may need to apply for a planning permission. Find out if you need to obtain planning permission to renovate your private residential property.

Setting up Home Business

Learn about the guidelines on setting up a home based business, terms and conditions and businesses that are permitted.
Home Based Business