Street and Building Names

The Street and Building Names Board (SBNB) considers and approves naming applications for buildings, estates and streets. SBNB evaluates all naming proposals against naming guidelines and principles to ensure that names are appropriate in the context of the location and the physical attributes of the buildings and streets.

The Board comprises representatives from government agencies and private sector, industry and the academia.

Street and Building Naming Guidelines

Building owners and developers are required to submit naming applications to SBNB to ensure the appropriateness of the proposed names.

Proposed street and building names should provide clear location or direction cues to the public to ensure that they can locate properties and essential services quickly and efficiently.

We encourage all applicants to read through the detailed naming principles and guidelines in the separate Handbooks on Guidelines for Naming of Buildings / Estates and Streets below. Some key guidelines include:

Key Guidelines

Names to Avoid

  • Names that contain specific claims
  • Names which infringe on the trade names or trademarks of other parties
  • Names which may be deemed controversial or offensive
  • Names of persons, living or dead, unless for special reasons
  • Names of national institutions / symbols, public office and international organisations such as Singapore, National, Raffles, Merlion, ASEAN, APEC or Temasek
  • Names of companies, associations, communities and specific development

A Good Name

  • Is appropriate and relates to the location and environment of the buildings and streets
  • Fits the physical attributes of the buildings and streets
  • Avoids confusion with another development or street in another part of Singapore
  • Retains the history of the building or the area
  • Is unique, reasonably short and easy to pronounce, spell and remember
Download Handbooks

SBNB Handbook

SBNB Handbook on Guidelines for Naming of Buildings / Estates

Naming Streets

SBNB Handbook on Guidelines for Naming of Streets


Submission Requirements

Before your submit application for naming of buildings / estates and streets, please read up on the submission requirements.

It will take four to six weeks for approval of submission. Applications are free of charge.