Using Singapore as a case study, we conduct courses on urban planning and management through our URA Academy. These courses will delve into the judicious and innovative land use planning system that facilitated Singapore’s development into a liveable and distinctive city.

Course Information

The four-day Integrated Land Use Planning (ILUP) is a comprehensive course on Singapore’s urban planning system and urban development over the last four decades. 

Drawing largely from URA’s experience and case studies, this course adopts a practitioner-focused and solution-oriented approach.

It covers a range of topics on urban planning, urban design and conservation, as well as the tools that Singapore uses to translate its plans into reality.

Modules will be conducted by experienced practitioners from URA and the relevant agencies.


Singapore in Perspective

  • What are Singapore's challenges?
  • How our planning systems addresses them

Planning for Development in Singapore

  • Principles and strategies of long term strategic planning
  • How detailed local plans are used to guide development

Integrated Land Use Planning

  • Integrating Transport and Land Use Planning
  • Creating a City-in-a-Garden

From Planning to Implementation

  • How planning visions and ideas can be transformed into reality
  • Implementing plans through Government Land Sales and Development Control

First-Hand Experience

  • Visit the Marina Bay, an example of a successful development project
  • Tour the Singapore City Gallery which captures Singapore's planning efforts in a nutshell

This course is suitable for government officials, policy makers, planners, architects, professionals and practitioners in related disciplines.



Understand how an integrated approach to land use planning can transform a city

Identify planning strategies that address the needs of a city

Learn new tools that could transform ideas and plans into reality


More details of the next ILUP course will come at a later date.

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The course programme and duration can be tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation.

Customised courses can range from a half-day long training session to a two-week long programme.

We can also conduct our professional development courses overseas.

Course topics may cover:

  • Long-term Strategic Planning: Key principles and strategies to develop a long-term and forward-looking plan
  • Detailed Local Planning: Translating strategic plans to detailed master plans to guide development and using creative solutions to tackle urban issues
  • Urban Design: How urban design can raise the quality of life, give a city character and make it distinctive
  • Conservation: Retaining a sense of history and heritage, while creating a unique and endearing home
  • Government Land Sales: A tool to facilitate the implementation of plans in close partnership with the private sector
  • Development Control: Creating a quality environment through the use of guidelines to facilitate developments