Buy Certified Interpretation Plan to get a more detailed interpretation and certification of the Master Plan on a larger scale. 

This e-service allows Singapore government agencies to submit planning application and land use consultation to Planning, Conservation & Urban Design Group (PCUDG).

The Landed Housing Areas Plan is drawn up to help retain the character of landed housing estates. From the Landed Housing Areas Plan, you can find out the locations of these safeguarded estates and the type and storey height of housing that can be built in the estate.

The Parks and Waterbodies Plan reflects the existing and proposed green spaces and waterbodies. These include parks, open spaces, interim greens, park connectors, promenades, nature reserves, nature areas and waterbodies.

All building heights are subject to technical height controls. This plan shows the areas with special height controls. Areas without special height controls are subject to prevailing development control guidelines.

Areas where activity-generating uses (such as shops and food outlets) are to be provided are depicted on the plan. The uses are to be located on the 1st storey and the basement level of developments along major pedestrian routes in the Central Area.

This map guides the layout or form of development within identified development areas. The plan also highlights areas with special Urban Design guidelines and the locations of gazetted conservation areas and Monuments. 

Use URA SPACE map service to view Urban Design guidelines. Find out how these guidelines preserve and enhance the urban character of the different planning areas integrating developments with their surrounding urban environment. 

Use the map service to find out what is the demographic of a planning subzone. The information shown on the map represents Singapore Residents and is grouped by planning subzone, age group and gender. This information is provided by Singapore's Department of Statistics.

All developments are required to provide a buffer between the road reserve line and the building. The minimum road buffer depends on the classification of roads, the type of development in the planning area, and urban design considerations. Use the map and select the development to view the minimum road buffer.