Common Offences

Find information on common parking offences and fines in this section.

You can avoid committing a parking offence by observing the following basic rules:

  1. Display valid and sufficient parking coupons prominently, or activate parking sessions using the Digital Parking app once you have parked your vehicle
  2. Tear off the relevant tabs of your parking coupons correctly and completely.
  3. If you are using the app, ensure that you have keyed in the correct vehicle number, and select the correct car park before activating your parking session.
  4. Park your vehicle entirely within the boundaries of the correct parking lot
  5. Ensure your season parking ticket is renewed by the 27th of the expiry month

What are the types of parking offences and fines?


  • The range of composition amount shows what is initially offered for common offences. The actual composition amount for the relevant offence will be specified in the Notice of Parking Offence. 
  • If there is delay in payment of the initial composition amount, the composition amount (if any) that is subsequently offered may be higher than the maximum amount shown above. Court action may also be initiated if there is no payment after sometime.
  • Offenders may be charged in Court without any offer of composition for serious offences. For example, tampered coupon offences.

Parking at Reserved Handicap Lots

Under the Car Park Label Scheme, a vehicle with a Handicap Label can park at the reserved handicap lots. These lots have larger spaces for the use of mobility aids.

Those with physical disabilities and mobility constraints who self-drive or are ferried by caregivers can obtain these labels.

You can contact SG Enable at 1800-8585 885 or visit their website to apply for a handicap parking label.

Reporting a suspected parking offence

To report parking offences, you may call the agency which manages the parking place. Please call:

  • 1800-547 1923 for URA car parks
  • 1800-272 1409 for HDB car parks
  • 1800-225 5582 for traffic offences under LTA's jurisdiction

You can also submit a written report against the offending vehicles.

We are prepared to follow up on such reports if you can provide the vehicle number of the offending vehicle, place, date and time of offence, with the relevant photos, and agree to be a witness should the offender dispute his/her case in Court.

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