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Exploring key urban issues and spaces around us, uncovering fresh insights and future trends shaping Singapore from housing, mobility and more. 

How to make a great place

Have you ever wondered what makes a place special to us and how can we make it better?

Through the lenses of individuals, designers, architects, planners and precinct stakeholders, this book 'How to make a great place' captures the evolution and growth of Singapore’s placemaking efforts in the last two decades, and offers tailored lessons and tips for individuals and communities who are keen to contribute to shaping the places where they live, work and play.

Available Books

URA's books cover a diverse range of topics providing insights on the role of planning and good design in shaping Singapore's physical landscape. Click on the book title for the summary, cost and purchase details.

Skyline 14/2021

Skyline is a URA magazine that explores key urban issues and spaces around us, uncovering fresh insights and future trends shaping Singapore, from housing, to heritage, mobility and more.

In this issue, experts and citizens reflect on the value of long-term planning, shifting lifestyles and landscapes and their future aspirations.

Past Skyline Issues

Annual Report 2021/2022

Planning together for a Singapore that thrives today, tomorrow, and in the next fifty years and beyond.