Enliven Public Spaces

Public spaces are like the living rooms of our city. When the community gets involved in shaping the use of public spaces, they come alive as vibrant and delightful places for people to linger, bond and interact with one another. This also strengthens our sense of ownership, identity and emotional connection to the area, while ensuring a more liveable environment and enhancing our quality of life.

Our Favourite Place

Our Favourite Place

Imagine public spaces transformed into vibrant, people-friendly places by the community. We provide funding and connect like-minded people together to develop engaging spaces across Singapore. There’s no idea too big or small. Want to activate a public space in your neighbourhood today?

BID Programme

Businesses and local communities can play a part in making a place more vibrant. The Business Improvement District (BID) programme helps to enhance the vibrancy of a precinct. They are operated independently by the private sector.

Are you a business owner or stakeholder in a local precinct? Find out how BID can help.