Terminate Season Parking

You can terminate your season parking ticket (SPT), if you no longer need to park your vehicle for long-term at the car park.

If you do not need to park your vehicle for at least 7 days and more, you can apply to temporarily suspend your SPT. For example, your vehicle might be unavailable or you are away from Singapore for more than 7 days.

Any unused period of the season parking ticket will be refunded to you on a pro-rated basis.

Heavy Vehicles

Season parking tickets can be terminated for heavy vehicles, if the vehicle has an alternative parking place. However, heavy vehicles cannot suspend their season parking tickets.

Important note:
Submit your termination or suspension requests in advance of the requested termination date or suspension period. We will not accept the request if the requested termination date or suspension period has passed.

Terms and Conditions

View the terms and conditions for the purchase of season parking ticket, according to the different ticket types

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