Land Sale Procedure

The Land Sale procedure begins with the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme. Each GLS Programme is planned and announced every six months. The GLS Programme comprises sites on the Confirmed and Reserve Lists to provide flexibility in the supply of land for development.

You can find the list of Confirmed and Reserve List sites for sale here.

Confirmed List

Sites identified for sale on the Confirmed List are launched for sale at pre-determined dates and most land parcels are sold through tenders.

Reserve List

Sites on the Reserve List are not released for tender immediately but are instead made available for application. A Reserve List site will be put up for tender when a developer has indicated a minimum price which is accepted by the government.

The Government will also consider launching a Reserve List site for tender if it has received sufficient market interest for the site. This is when more than one unrelated party has submitted a minimum price that is close to the government's Reserve Price, within a reasonable period.

You can refer to the Reserve List procedure for more information.

eDeveloper's Packet

Developers can apply for sites once detailed sales conditions are released in the eDeveloper's Packet. This document contains:

• Conditions of Tender
• Technical Conditions of Tender
• Form of Tender / Application Form
• Other relevant documents and information for the tender and the Land Parcel.

The eDeveloper's Packet is available at S$181.90 (inclusive of GST), $170.00 (w/o GST).

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Key Considerations: Requirements for Foreign Developers

  1. Application: Foreign housing developers who intend to purchase vacant residential land are required to apply for a qualifying certificate (Form QA) with a security equivalent to 10% of the land price. They can apply from the Controller of Residential Property of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).
  2. Completion: The foreign housing developer would be given up to 5 years to complete the development of the residential land.

However, residential land sold under the GLS Programme is exempted from this requirement. Instead, foreign housing developers are required under the land sales conditions to sell all the dwelling houses within 2 years from the date of the Temporary Occupation Permit for the dwelling houses.

Please visit SLA's website for more details or call their hotline at 6323 9829.