Vehicle Parking Certificate

If you are a heavy vehicle owner, you can purchase Vehicle Parking Certificate from us. You will need to have a valid Season Parking Ticket (SPT) or a Reserved Lot for your vehicle at one of URA’s car parks. View the terms and conditions for the purchase of season parking ticket for a heavy vehicle.

The VPC is not transferable. It is issued for a specific vehicle and parking place. You will need to purchase a new VPC when there are any changes, such as transfer of SPT to another vehicle or parking place.

Validity period of VPC

The maximum period allowed is 12 months and the VPC should be valid for the period of the road tax of the heavy vehicle.

Which vehicles come under the Vehicle Parking Certificate Scheme?

These vehicles come under the Vehicle Parking Certificate Scheme:

  • Heavy goods vehicles and concrete mixers exceeding 5,000 kg in maximum laden weight (MLW)
  • Buses with seating capacity exceeding 15 passengers
  • Trailers, including container trailers, low loaders and flatbed trailers exceeding 5,000 kg in MLW
  • Mobile cranes and recovery vehicles exceeding 2,500 kg in unladen weight

For more details on VPC scheme, please see the Vehicle Parking Certificate Scheme. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Vehicle Parking Certificates if you have further queries.