Conserving our built heritage is an important part of Singapore’s development and urban planning.

The restoration of historic areas adds variety to our urban fabric and creates visual contrast in the city, while helping to rejuvenate dilapidated areas into thriving districts.

Conservation started as early as the 1970s and more than 7,000 buildings have been conserved since then. Developers and architects intending to carry out works within conservation areas should comply with the conservation guidelines, to ensure planning and conservation continue to be done hand-in-hand, and conserved buildings hold continued relevance in today’s context.


Conservation Principles

Learn more about our conservation principles for conserving our built heritage.

Conservation Guidelines

Learn more about our conservation principles, planning parameters and restoration guidelines for conserved buildings.

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Additions and Alterations

Find out more about the application process and guidelines for making additions and alterations to conserved buildings.


Find out how you can apply for conservation signage clearance for your conserved building.

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Use of Buildings in Conservation Areas

Learn more about the types of uses that are allowed at your property.

Best Practices

Learn about the fundamental hallmarks of any quality restoration, irrespective of scale and complexity of the project.

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