Rochor Planning Area is Singapore’s budding arts, culture, education, and entertainment district. The UD guidelines focus on preserving the area’s rich architectural and cultural heritage, while facilitating its development into a renowned education and learning hub.


Central Area Underground Pedestrian Network - Revisions to the Cash Grant Incentive Scheme

URA/PCUD Plan Release 2/2016E Street Block Plan for Area Bounded by Race Course Road / Birch Road / Serangoon Road / Chander Road (Rochor Planning Area) 

URA/CUD Plan Release 2/2015E Updated Street Block Plan for No. 68 to 148 (Even-Numbered Only) Mackenzie Road to Include No. 73 to 99 Bukit Timah Road [Rochor Planning Area]

URA/CUD Plan Release 1/2015E Street Block Plan for Mount Sophia Conservation Area [Rochor Planning Area]

Urban Design (UD) Plans and Guidelines for Developments within Bras Basah. Bugis Planning Area (part Rochor / part Museum Planning Area)

Revision To The Night Lighting Guidelines For The Civic District And Bras Basah.Bugis (BBB)

Rescindment Of The Planning Policy To Allow Conversion Of Residential Sites In Ochard Planning Area And Bras Basah.Bugis To Hotel Use

Circular Package to Professional Institutes on Guidelines for Outdoor Signs

Changes To The Electronic Development Application (EDA) Form With Launch Of A New Electronic Application Service – Request For Clearance Of Works Completed (Non-Conservation)

URA/CUD Plan Release 5/2008E Street Block Plan For Mount Sophia, Adis Road, Sophia Road, Wilkie Terrace, Wilkie Road And Upper Wilkie Road (Rochor Planning Area)

Relaxation of Residential Building Heights in the Downtown Core, Orchard and Rochor (Part) Planning Areas within Central Area

Guidelines to Encourage More Innovation and Better Design of Rooftop 

Conversation of Surplus Car Parking in Commercial, Mixed Use and Hotel Developments within the Central Area