Reserve List Procedures

A site on the Reserve List System will be put up for sale if a developer's indicated minimum price in his application is acceptable to the Government.

The Government will also consider launching a Reserve List site for sale if it has received sufficient market interest for the site. This is when more than one unrelated party has submitted a minimum price that is close to the Government's Reserve Price, within a reasonable period.

If you are applying to the Government for a Reserve List site to be put up for tender, you need to:

  • purchase the eDeveloper's Packet at $181.90 (w GST), $170.00 (w/o GST)
  • print and submit the form in a sealed envelope to URA (the land sale agency); and
  • indicate in the application form the minimum price that you are willing to bid for the site if it is put up for tender.

The completed form must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with a label as shown obtained from the eDeveloper's Packet and delivered in person to:

Ms Irene Chua, Personal Assistant to Group Director
Land Sales and Administration Group, URA
10th Storey, Land Sales Dept
The URA Centre, Maxwell Road
Tel: 6321 8110 / 6321 8393

Available Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm (not available during 1pm to 2pm)

You are not required to pay any application fees.

You will be informed of the outcome of the application within 2 weeks.

The application will be accepted if:

  • the minimum price is considered acceptable; and
  • the applicant is not disqualified from participating in land sale tenders

Upon acceptance of the application, within a period of 2 weeks, you must:

  • execute an agreement to submit a tender price not less than the minimum price stated in your application; and
  • pay a deposit of 3% of the minimum price either through a cashier’s order, banker’s guarantee or by bank transfer. The deposit of 3% of the minimum price shall be capped at S$5 million only.

If you fail to do so, the acceptance of the application will lapse and no further action will be taken on the application.

After you have execute the agreement for tender and furnish the deposit, the successful trigger of the site will be announced publicly. However the identity of the applicant will not be disclosed to the public.

Submitting an application

You should make an application only if you have a serious intent to trigger a site for sale.

If your application is successful, but you fail (for reasons that are unacceptable to the Government) to execute the agreement and pay the deposit within 2 weeks or any extended time that was given, additional requirements will be imposed in your future applications for a Reserve List site.

If the applicant is a partnership or company, future applications by this partner or director, depending on the case, will also have to satisfy additional conditions.

Tender Period

URA will usually launch the site for sale within 2 weeks from the date of signing the agreement.

Most sites have a tender period of 4 weeks, i.e. tender will close 4 weeks after the launch. Exceptions will be made for large and complicated sites, which will have a longer tender period.

Agreement for Tender

Under the agreement, the deposit will be forfeited, if you:

  • fail to submit a bid in the tender;
  • put in an invalid bid; or
  • bid below the minimum price.

The successful applicant may submit a tender price higher than the minimum price in the tender.

You can use the deposit for the agreement as part payment of the tender deposit. This is also applicable even if the tender is submitted jointly with another party. Your deposit will be refunded if you bid in accordance with the agreement, but are not the highest bidder in the tender.