Exemptions from Planning Permission

Minor development or building works that do not require planning approval or permission from URA can be found in the Planning Permission Exemption List.

Development relating to the use of land and/or buildings are not included in this list/the list of items also does not apply to the buildings:

  • Which are gazetted as national monuments or conservation buildings
  • Located within conservation areas, envelop control areas, central areas, urban design areas, street block plan areas or other planning study areas where specific guidelines must adhered to

You should check if you need to obtain clearance/approvals from other authorities or to comply with caveat and by-laws which may apply to your premises. These include rules and regulations of the Management Corporation.

List of exemptions

Street & Access Road

Works or Structures for Temporary Use

Perimeter Fence, Boundary Wall, etc.

Site Layout

Exterior of a Building

Interior of a Building