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Guidelines for Outdoor Event Signage in Central Area

  Published: 02 September 2019
Circular No : URA/PB/2019/16-CUDG
Our Ref : DC/ADMIN/CIRCULAR/PB_19 & APPBCA-2019-13


Who Should Know:
Building owners, Management Corporations, Qualified Persons, Professional Engineers, developers, media companies, advertisers, signboard makers and business operators

Effective Date:
2 Sep 2019

  1. Singapore’s Central Area, including Orchard Road and Marina Bay, is host to many community, sporting or private events.

  2. As part of such events, event organisers may put up temporary structures, such as stage and tentage, as well as event-related signs.

  3. To provide better clarity on the types of temporary event-related signs that can be supported, and make the submission process simpler, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), in consultation with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), has reviewed the guidelines for temporary signs that are commonly put up for outdoor events located both within State land and public spaces on privately-owned land within the Central Area. The intention of the guidelines is to ensure the events-related signs are well placed and designed, and that the streetscape remains attractive and aligned with the overall character of the area. Please refer to Annex A for the guidelines.

  4. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) will adopt this set of guidelines when evaluating applications for advertisement licenses for all outdoor event-related signs.

  5. Submission Requirements

  6. Applications to display these signs are to be made to Advertisement Licensing Department, BCA, prior to the installation of the signs.  Submissions must be made in full compliance with the provisions of the Building Control (Advertisement) Regulations, the Building Control (Temporary Buildings) Regulations and the Guidelines for Outdoor Event Signage in Central Area. Please refer to BCA’s website for details of the submission requirements.

  7. Planning permission from URA is not required for putting up these temporary outdoor event signs.

  8. BCA, on behalf of URA and the relevant Government agencies, reserve the right to turn down any application for the display of outdoor event-related signs where it could potentially lead to sensitivity in the community or if the proposal is contrary to the broader objectives of the planning intention for the area. 

  9. We would appreciate it if you could convey the contents of this circular to the relevant members of your respective organisations. The same set of guidelines will also be available on BCA’s website (https://www.bca.gov.sg). If you or your members have any queries concerning this circular, please email BCA and email URA.

  10. For other information on the master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, car park locations and availability, private residential property transactions, and conservation areas and buildings, use URA SPACE (Service Portal and Community e-Services). For feedback or enquiries, please email us.
Thank You.

Chou Mei (Ms)
Group Director
Conservation & Urban Design
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Clement Tseng
Group Director
Building Plan and Management Group
Building and Construction Authority

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