Find out all about submitting an appeal in this section.

Majority of appeals are rejected. Submit an appeal only if you are sure that the fine was administered in error. If you are appealing, you must submit sufficient documentary proof to support your explanation, together with your full particulars and notice number. All appeals are considered on a case-by-case basis and further appeals may not be entertained.

What are the examples of documentary proof required for an assessment of an appeal?

Examples of documentary proof include:

  1. For parking offence notice
    • medical certificates/reports
    • vehicle time-stamped repair/towing receipts
  2. When appealing for court cases on grounds of financial difficulty
    • CPF contribution statement (at least past 6 months)
    • outstanding Housing Development Board (HDB) mortgage debts
    • outstanding Singapore Power (SP) Services utilities debts
    • outstanding Town Council debts
    • instalment plans granted by other agencies
  3. Other supporting documents (e.g.: bankruptcy letter, outstanding medical bills and financial assistance from social welfare agencies)

For more information on the Appeal Process, please visit our FAQs.