Renew Season ​​​​Parking

You can renew your existing season parking ticket for subsequent months up to a maximum of 12 months, through one of the channels below. Season parking ticket must be renewed by 27th of the existing ticket’s expiry month, or you will not be allowed to renew after this date.

Auto-renewal (GIRO)

Download the form and mail it to us to process your GIRO application. Renewal of the season parking ticket by GIRO will commence only after we have approved your GIRO application. While we process your application, you can renew your season parking ticket through our eService or at any AXS Stations.

Terms and Conditions

View the terms and conditions for the purchase of season parking ticket, according to the different ticket type:

Car – Others

Car – Residential


Heavy Vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not send reminders for the renewal of SPTs as most our SPT holders are already on GIRO payment. You are encouraged to apply for GIRO to ensure that the season parking ticket is renewed on time and there is a 2% rebate on the season parking fee.

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