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Carparks designed to deter speeding

HDB and URA's reply, 21 Sept 2020


We thank Mr Chew Weng Fatt for his feedback (Speeding in carparks, Sep 11).

Speeding constitutes a risk to the personal safety of pedestrians and motorists in carparks and we take this issue seriously. Our carparks are designed to discourage speeding.

For example, speed humps are installed within carparks to slow down vehicles and enhance safety for carparks users. Signs indicating the speed limit are also located at HDB multi-storey carparks to remind motorists to slow down.

This notwithstanding, we will continue to look into ways to improve our carparks to minimise speeding incidents in them.

At the same time, we urge all carpark users to be considerate and adopt a safety-first approach. Motorists should drive carefully while pedestrians should look out for vehicles before crossing junctions or intersections in carparks.

Marie Lim
Car Parks
Housing and Development Board

Lim-Tan Lay Choon
Car Parks, Administration and Policies
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Letter, 11 Sept 2020, Straits Times

Speeding in carparks

How is the speed limit within HDB and URA carparks monitored and enforced? I can hardly find any signage at carpark entrances or within to inform all motorists the maximum speed limit allowed.

Many times, I have witness motorists and motorcyclists travelling far above the speed limit in carparks.
Could the relevant authorities look into this before accidents happen?

Chew Weng Fatt