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Continuous Improvements to URA Services to Facilitate Decision-Making

  Published: 21 October 2020
  Theme: Instil (DC Services & Good Practices)

Read more about the improved online services and information that help QPs, developers and the general public make better-informed decisions on property development and transactions.

New Gross Floor Area Handbook

The revamped web-based Gross Floor Area (GFA) Handbook makes it easier for users to find information by clicking on the various menu sections. Bonus GFA incentive schemes, GFA apportionment and re-computation are explained under the ‘Introduction’ and ‘GFA Related Matters’ tabs as shown below.

Gross Floor Area handbook

The handbook has categorised information based on building element or space, making it easier for QPs to find out if a certain building element or space is computed as GFA. Diagrams help users visualise the GFA guidelines more clearly as illustrated below.

Gross Floor Area handbook

The “Guidelines at a Glance” section gives users an overview of the key GFA guidelines applicable for each building element or space. The full details can be found in the main GFA handbook.

Gross Floor Area handbook Guidelines at a Glance


New Landed Housing e-Advisor

The new Landed Housing e-Advisor is an intuitively-designed webpage that allows homeowners to check if their desired home alteration works are allowed.

Homeowners first need to select the type of landed housing on which they intend to carry out works. The e-Advisor only provides information on landed housing and does not apply to other housing types (e.g. strata landed housing, shophouses or condominiums/flats).

Landed housing e-advisor

Homeowners then need to select the area they intend to alter – whether the interior, exterior or roof of the landed house.

Landed housing e-advisor

The menu allows homeowners to view the guidelines that apply to the various works they may wish to carry out.

Landed housing e-advisor

For detailed information on other development control guidelines concerning landed housing (e.g. earthworks and building setback requirements), refer to the relevant Residential Handbooks.



URA SPACE is an online map portal that allows users to easily access a wide range of updated planning and real estate information. Further improvements have been made and these include various new features and datasets:

Popular Map Services

The new ‘Popular Map Services’ list allows users to directly access information or services. These include finding the current and past Master Plan zonings of a site and checking allowable shophouse uses.


Explore Development Site

By clicking on ‘Explore Development Site’ (shown above), users can view consolidated information relating to a specific development site. Simply search for a site’s address, and land- and development-related information for the site will appear. These include the development charge rates and past planning decisions for the selected site. Users can now access planning decisions issued from 1990 onwards for free, in addition to the planning decisions from 2000 onwards that are already available on the portal.


Enhanced Real Estate Information

Data on the supply of private residential properties has also been added to the latest URA SPACE. Users can now view information on the number of approved dwelling units in completed private residential projects, and past trends in sales and rentals of such properties.


More property sale and transaction information can also be accessed at the following sites:

The full suite of free property market data is available here.


Updated Real Estate Information System (REALIS)

REALIS is a subscription-based platform that allows subscribers to access detailed and comprehensive data on Singapore’s property market. Aside from an upgraded user-friendly interface, new features added to the portal include data charting and analytics functions, customisable data dashboards and search tools, and frequently used data reports.

Updated REALIS
Example of the Residential Transaction Search results page on the enhanced REALIS

Real estate professionals and members of the public interested in detailed information on Singapore’s real estate market can find out more about REALIS subscription plans here.

If you have any suggestions on how to further improve these services, please let us know.