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Reminder to comply with URA CAD submission guidelines

  Published: 20 July 2015
  Theme: Instil (DC Services & Good Practices)

To facilitate the processing of development applications, URA has adopted a set of CAD submission guidelines since 2006, based on the Singapore CAD Standards CP83.

Today, some submissions are still not adhering to the "file naming" requirements as stated in URA's submission guidelines. This has caused delays and disruption in the processing of applications, which can be avoided if the files are correctly named such that we can easily identify and retrieve the relevant files for checking.

We had previously issued a reminder through CORENET that with effect from 1 Apr 2015, URA will return submissions that do not comply with the “file naming” requirements. Despite the reminder, we are still receiving non-compliant cases. URA will return such non-compliant cases with immediate effect.

Note: All DC.Connect articles are only for general information. We strongly advise readers to read the relevant circulars we issue to professional institutes for full and accurate information on development control matters as these will continue to take precedence.