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Rail Corridor Test Track Survey

 Rail Corridor Test Track

Thank you for visiting the Rail Corridor test track.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is testing four possible  surface materials to improve the Rail Corridor trail, to make the Corridor more inclusive for people of all ages and abilities. We will also assess the materials’ durability and suitability in complementing the Rail Corridor’s landscape.

Try out the test track, and give us your feedback by filling in the survey below.

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1. Which surface material(s) do you prefer for the Rail Corridor? *

2. Please share with us the reason(s) for your choice(s). (Maximum of 1000 characters only) *

3. For the surface materials you did not pick, please share with us why. (Maximum of 1000 characters only) *

4. Please leave us your contact details if you would like to be informed of future public engagements or receive other updates from URA (Optional)

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