Why walk and cycle

For Convenience

Over short distances (less than 4km), walking and cycling can be the quickest, most direct choices for point-to-point travel.

Once we improve our physical & social infrastructure, it will be comfortable, safe, and fuss-free to walk or cycle, even when it comes to trips that you currently take the car or bus for.

To Get Fit while Saving Money

Walking and cycling is a natural way to incorporate exercise (and fresh air!) into your daily routine.

Even better, it is free – why pay for a gym membership?

For Clean Air

Walking and cycling are completely green modes of transport.

By choosing to walk or cycle instead of taking the car, bus, or even train, you contribute to a better environment for everyone.

To Know Your Neighbourhood

Walking and cycling lets you appreciate your daily surroundings on an intimate scale.

It is easier to say hi to a neighbour, pop into shops on a whim, or simply enjoy the scenery when you are on foot or on a bicycle.