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Marina Bay and Marina South

Marina Bay

Marina Bay
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Marina Bay is a successful example of Singapore taking the long-term view in urban planning. The 1970s and 1980s saw 360ha of land at the bay area reclaimed in anticipation of the need to grow the city centre in the future. This allows for the seamless extension of Singapore's Central Business District and further supports the city-state's continuing growth as a global business and financial hub. Marina Bay is well served by public transport, with 4 lines and 9 MRT stations in the vicinity, and is the first district in Singapore to be planned upfront with a network of dedicated cycling lanes.

Together with the waterfront promenade and its loop of attractions and vibrant public spaces, Marina Bay aims to be a People’s Bay and will play a role in defining the character of Marina Bay in its leafy streetscape, lush park and sky-rise gardrens. The next phase of development of the Bay is a new lively and mixed-use residential district at Marina South.

Marina Bay

View of the Helix Bridge

Marina South

Marina South, located next to Bay South Garden and the Straits of Singapore, will set a new standard for sustainable urban living. Imagine an urban village characterised by city streets with corner shops, cafes, grocery stores, barbers and beauty salons, all within a short walk or bicycle ride. The village main street is free of cars. Children play safely as parents shop or dine outdoors. Residential communities are planned as Street Neighbourhoods where residents have opportunities for face-to-face contact. Walking and cycling are the choice modes to move around with shaded walks and dedicated cycling paths.

As a mixed-use, high-density residential district, Marina South will provide more options for city living with 9,000 new homes. This means that more people can live near their work places in the CBD.

Mixed-Use Streets - Mixed-use space ensures a variety of commercial and community uses right at the doorsteps of residents. Grocers, delis, clinics, salons, and work spaces will be located on the street level of developments with residences on the upper levels. Its streets are planned as active, outdoor living rooms for the community. Having community amenities such as shops, cafes, grocers and open spaces on the first floors of residential developments not only mean greater convenience for those living above and nearby, but more opportunities for neighbours to meet and interact with one another. 

Marina South

A Stroll and Cycle - There will be sheltered connection enabling pedestrians to walk comfortably to any underground, above-ground, or street level destination. Streets will connect the network of courtyards, playgrounds, and the ground floors of mixed-use residential developments. Adults and children can cycle safely on dedicated cycling paths around the district. From any point in Marina South, a 5-minute walk will be all it takes to reach a public transport node. City living without cars will be possible with an intricate network of MRT lines, cycling paths and pedestrian walkways serving the district.

Aerial View of Marina South

At the core of the pedestrian network will be an 800 metre-long, 30 metre-wide pedestrianised street with an underground mall, stretching between two Thomson-East Coast Line MRT stations. Apart from serving as a pleasant walking route, this underground mall will be the central community corridor - buzzing with activity both above and below. Multi-level connectivity within the district will allow pedestrians to move seamlessly from one development to another and across the entire district to the waterfront and Bay South Gardens. To enhance the pedestrian experience with human-scale intimacy, developments fronting the pedestrianised street will be low-rise while building heights step up towards the arterial roads. A similar approach will be taken for developments with facades facing Bay South Gardens to open up scenic views.