Concept Plan

To guide Singapore’s development over the next half a century, the Concept Plan is used to map out our long-term plans for strategic land use and transportation. Its main aim is to ensure there is sufficient land to meet our long-term needs, while ensuring the people continue to enjoy a quality living environment.

The Concept Plan is reviewed every 10 years.


About the Concept Plan

The Concept Plan is a strategic land use and transportation plan that guides Singapore’s development over the next 40-50 years.

Concept Plan 2011 and MND Land Use Plan

The latest review of the Concept Plan was carried out in 2011-2013, leading to the release of the Land Use Plan 2030 by Ministry of National Development (MND).

Concept Plan 1971

Past Concept Plans

Singapore has transformed from a developing nation to a developed one in less than 50 years, since gaining independence in 1965. The first Concept Plan developed in 1971 was instrumental in shaping the structure of our city and guiding its development over time.