Submission requirements

Who can submit

  • Owners and developers of the buildings
  • Government agencies and developers who constructed the roads

When to submit

You may apply for a new building or street name once you have submitted your development application. 

Before you submit

You can search for existing building/estate and street names to check whether the proposed name is a duplicate name.

You can also refer to our naming guidelines below:

Application of street names is only available in English. SBNB will liaise with the Ministry of Communications and Information to translate the street name into Chinese based on the approved English street names.

Applications for a change of street name will not be considered, as they would affect numerous existing addresses. Changing street names would greatly inconvenience to all residences and/or businesses along the road.

As public roads come under the purview of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), members of the public can directly give their feedback to LTA on the naming of public roads and issues regarding directional signage for roads. After assessing the applications, LTA will put up individual cases for the proposed naming or re-naming of public roads to the SBNB for further consideration.

The following buildings and streets come under the purview of the SBNB and will require naming approval:

Require Naming Approval

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Mixed-use developments (Definition: A development with two or more approved uses listed in this section)
  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Arts venues
  • Stadiums
  • Building used for community service / activity
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Do Not Require Naming Approval

  • Places of worship
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Golf & Recreation clubs
  • Sports and recreation facilities (except stadiums)
  • Shophouse developments with less than five units
  • Residential developments with less than five units 

Require Naming Approval

  • Public streets
  • Flyovers
  • Viaducts
  • Underpasses,
  • Circuses
  • Vehicular bridges,
  • Pedestrian malls and
  • Private roads which are non-gated and freely accessible to the public and via public transport (e.g. roads within a university campus)

Do Not Require Naming Approval

  • Road length is less than 60m
  • Service roads
  • Access roads and driveways
  • Private streets
  • Back lanes
  1. Information and documents supporting the choice of proposed names
    You can propose a maximum of three names in your application. You will need to provide reasons for selecting the proposed names and any relevant documents that would support it. For example
    • If your proposed building name contains the house number and/or road name, you should include the Certificate of Housing Numbering issued by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
    • For all street naming applications, you should include the length and width as well as the road category classification of the street

  2. Location Plan and Site Plan
    • For building name applications, the location plan should show the building / estate to be named and its surrounding development sites and roads. The boundary of the site should be edged in red. The site plan should show the layout of the building(s) within the development site.
    • For street name applications, the location plan should show a marked-out outline of the proposed street to be named, the surrounding development sites and names of the surrounding roads. If there is more than one street to be named, you should use different colours to mark out each street.

  3. Owner’s Authorisation Letter
    Application made by appointed representative (eg. architect) on behalf of the Developer/Owner must be accompanied by owner’s authorisation letter.

  4. AGM/EGM resolution (MCST submission)
    Application made by Management Corporations must be accompanied by the relevant extract of the minutes of meeting (AGM/EGM) containing an ordinary resolution on the naming/renaming proposal.

  5. Certificate of House Numbering
    Application for a new development where the proposed building name contains the house number and/or the road name, e.g. 1 Adam Road, must be accompanied by the Certificate of Housing Numbering issued by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

  6. No Objection Letter from MND (HDB submission)
    Application made by HDB must be accompanied by a letter of no objection from Ministry of National Development on the proposed name.

  7. No Objection Letter from Preservation Monument Board
    Application made to name/rename a building gazetted as a national monument must be accompanied by a letter of no objection from Preservation Monument Board on the proposed name.

  8. No Objection Letter from SLA for naming of state property
    Application made by the tenant/licensee of a State property must be accompanied by a letter of no objection from Singapore Land Authority (SLA) on the proposed name.

  9. No Objection Letter from building owner (Tenant submission)
    Application where a tenant of a building has been given the naming rights to a building must be accompanied by a letter of no objection from the building owner on the proposed name.

  10. Clearance from Ministry of Health
    You should obtain clearance from the Ministry of Health if your proposed building names contain certain terms such as “hospital”, “medical clinic”, “dental clinic”, “medical centre”, “dental centre”, “medical surgery”, “dental surgery”, “clinical laboratory”, “medical laboratory”, “healthcare establishment” or any other term or name to imply similarity to the practices and premises of a private hospital, medical clinic, clinical laboratory or healthcare establishment.

    You can email to and address to:

    Manager (Licensing)
    Licensing, Inspection and Audit Branch
    Regulatory Compliance & Enforcement Division
    Ministry of Health

For general enquiries on the building and street name application, call us at 6321 6529 or 6321 8114; or email us at