Terms and Conditions for Home Office Scheme

To qualify for the Home Office Scheme, applicants must satisfy the following terms and conditions:

  1. The premises is used by its occupants primarily for residential purposes with part or parts of the premises being used by the occupants as an office.
  2. The number of non-residents (including employees, partners and directors) engaged in the business at the Home Office unit is limited to a maximum of 2.
  3. Owners must take every care to ensure that the activities of their business do not cause disturbance to the neighbours or the residential neighbourhood. As such, the businesses allowed must satisfy the performance criteria.
  4. The business does not fall under the list of businesses not permitted under the Home Office scheme.
  5. There is no display of business signage outside the residential premises.
  6. The use may be terminated if the business results in disamenity to the environment and complaints from neighbouring residents.
  7. The change in use of the relevant premises does not result in any increase in the floor area of the building.
  8. No part of the relevant premises comprises works that are unauthorised under the Planning Act.
  9. Any approval required from any other relevant authority for the change in use of the relevant premises has been obtained prior to making the change in use of the relevant premises.
  10. Where the person lodging the registration form is not the owner of the relevant premises, the prior written consent of the owner of the relevant premises has been obtained for the lodgement of the registration form.
  11. The use of the relevant premise as a Home Office shall be reverted back to residential use when the HO use ceases or if the HO permit is revoked due to a breach in conditions or guidelines.