Changes To The Electronic Development Application (EDA) Form With Launch Of A New Electronic Application Service – Request For Clearance Of Works Completed (Non-Conservation)

  Published: 07 September 2009
Circular No : URA/PB/2009/19-CUDG
Fax : 6220 3201


Who Should Know:
Architects, engineers, landscape architects, developers, building owners and property managers.

Effective Date:
With effect from 7 September 2009


This circular serves to inform the industry of the change to the current EDA Form which involves the launch of a new electronic application service – Request for Clearance of Works Completed (Non-Conservation).


  1. On 29 April 2009, Circular Nos.: URA/PB/2009/06-CUDG, URA/PB/2009/05-CUDG, URA/PB/2009/08-CUDG, and URA/PB/2009/09-CUDG were issued with the requirement to obtain URA’s clearance for works completed under the following schemes:
    1. Revision To The Art Incentive Scheme For New Developments In Central Area;
    2. Revision To The Lighting Incentive Scheme For Developments In The Central Business District (CBD) And Marina Centre;
    3. Night Lighting Master Plan Of Developments In The Central Business District (CBD), Marina Centre And Marina Bay; and
    4. Guidelines For Landscape Replacement Areas Within New Developments In (Part) Downtown Core, (Part) Straits View, (Part) Kallang And (Part) Jurong East Planning Areas.
  2. To further facilitate and speed up the approval process, a new EDA form is now available for the Request for Clearance of Works Completed (Non-Conservation) for the above schemes.


  1. The completed works under the above schemes are required to be implemented according to the approved plans and verified and endorsed by URA. URA’s Clearance of the completed works is required before the Commissioner of Building Control issues the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), or Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) (when TOP is not required). The building owner or authorised applicant is therefore required to submit confirmation of the completed works to URA through the new EDA form to seek Clearance of the completed works. The standard processing time to evaluate and issue clearance for a complete and compliant submission will require up to 20 working days. Please note that a longer processing time may be required if the submission is incomplete or not in order. The Applicant is to ensure sufficient lead time is allowed to secure the Clearance prior to applying to the Commissioner of Building Control for TOP/CSC.
  2. Your submission is required to include accurately labelled photographs (preferably in .pdf file format) showing the completed works. URA will evaluate the photographs submitted and, if necessary, arrange for a site inspection before issuing the Clearance for the completed works.
  3. Applicants are also required to declare upfront to the Commissioner of Building Control at the point of application for TOP or CSC (when TOP is not required), that URA’s Clearance is required for completed works to the approved Art Incentive Scheme, Night-Lighting Scheme and Landscape Replacement Areas before issuance of TOP, or CSC (when TOP is not required).
  4. I would appreciate it if you could convey the contents of this circular to the relevant members of your organisation. If you or your members have any queries concerning this circular, please do not hesitate to call our DCG Enquiry Line at Tel: 6223 4811 or e-mail us at We would be pleased to answer queries on this, and any other development control matter. For your information, the past circulars to the professional institutes are available from our website
Thank You.


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