DC Forms

Download forms for planning permission application such as EDA form for planning permission, declaration forms, supplementary forms for development applications.

Apply for planning permission EDA form v4.6 full installation (.exe, 19.8MB)

Installation guide v4.6 for EDA form installation guide (.pdf, 292KB)

User guide on how to use EDA form (.pdf, 2.5MB)

QP's Declaration for Strata Subdivision Lodgment

Declaration by QP under Section 15(2)(C) of the Planning Act (Cap 232) for building works within a Conservation Area submitted to BCA.

PE Endorsement Form for Conservation Applications

PE Certification Template for Additions & Alterations and Reconstruction of landed housing proposals that are proposing to retain existing structures that do not comply with prevailing development control guidelines.

DC/CL 1 - Development Control Submission Checklist

DC/CL 7 - Development Control Submission Checklist for Conservation Application

DC/CA/CL - Plan Submission Checklist For Urban Design Guidelines For Development Applications In Central Area.

DC/SL 225 - Lighting Proposal for developments within the Civic District

DC/PR 17 - Calculation of surplus car park Gross Floor Area (GFA)

DC/SL 26 - Payment of development charge / request for valuation

DC/SL 95A - Land Profile Details

DC/SL 211 - Request to defer the submission of detailed structural report for restoration of conservation buildings

DC/UPN/CGI - Application for Cash Grant Incentive for implementation of underground pedestrian links at Orchard Road and CBD Planning Areas

DC/GFA/GM - Green Mark Gross Floor Area (GFA) computation form

DC/SL 244 – Undertaking for redevelopment of semi-detached house involving breakaway from adjoining unit

DC21 - Enquiry on Development Baseline record for a premise

GFA Verification - Application for Gross Floor Area (GFA) verification

Form Code Purpose 
DC 1
Application for written permission to subdivide land & building / amendment to approved subdivision / strata subdivision plans
DC 3 Application for written permission for erection of buildings / amendments to approved plans
DC 4 Application for permission to demolish existing building
DC 5 Application for permission to carry out earthworks, engineering, mining or other operation in, on, over or under land
DC 6 Application for additions and alterations to existing landed house
DC 7 Lodgment for additions & alterations to existing detached / linked / semi-detached / terrace house
DC 8 Application for extension of provisional permission
DC 10 Application for outline planning permission 
DC 11 Application for extension of written permission
DC 12 Application for written permission for additions and alterations to existing buildings and amendment to approved additions and alterations to existing buildings (excluding landed residential houses)
DC 17 Lodgment for new erection/reconstruction of a detached/linked/semi-detached/terrace house
DC 22 Lodgment for new erection/reconstruction/addtion & alteration of industrial and warehouse development on HDB land and industrial, warehouse & worker's dormitory development on JTC Lands
DC 23 Lodgment for new erection/reconstruction/addition & alteration of HDB residential development
DC 24 Minor amendment to approved plans for the erection of new buildings/A&A to existing buildings
DC 28 Request for TOP/CSC site inspection of conservation buildings/national monuments
DC 29 Lodgment for land and/or strata subdivision
DC 30  Building plan clearance to additions & alterations to monuments
DC 31 Request for clearance of works completed (non-conservation)
Fee Schedule 2016 Table showing the requisite fees for the respective development applications and other DC services