Plan Lodgment

What is Plan Lodgment?

The Plan Lodgment Scheme** allows the development works to be lodged or registered with URA. It will be considered authorised without further need to apply for planning permission, if the works satisfy certain criteria.

This will make it easier and faster for owners/developers to carry out the development works since there is no need to go through the normal process of obtaining planning permission.

Validity Period

The development works lodged and authorised under this scheme is valid for two years.

If works are not completed within the two year validity period, you may apply for an extension of the lodgment authorisation only twice (two years per extension). After which, a fresh lodgment is to be made.


**The lodgment scheme is based on a self-declaration system where works which are properly and correctly declared by a Qualified Person (QP) to be in full compliance with the development control and lodgment guidelines, are deemed to be authorised. In the event that the declaration is found to be not in order or the lodgment is not in full compliance with the guidelines and other lodgment requirements, the Competent Authority reserves the right to reject the lodgment and turn down any subsequent lodgment by the same QP and QP firm for the proposal.