Development Control

Development Control (DC) guidelines help us regulate and facilitate developments on ground. These guidelines are reviewed periodically to meet changing needs, and to adapt to changing circumstances, taking into account feedback from professional bodies. Through this approach, we ensure that the planning intention of developments translate to good planning outcomes and contribute to a better built environment.


Residential Handbook

The Residential Handbook provides development control guidelines and parameters for residential developments. It explains the parameters such as building setbacks, building coverage, intensity and height in detail.

Non-Residential Handbook

The Non-Residential Handbook provides development control guidelines and parameters for non-residential developments like commercial and industrial developments. It discusses the allowable land uses and parameters in detail.

Gross Floor Area

Gross Floor Area Handbook

The Gross Floor Area Handbook explains the principles of what constitutes gross floor area. It also provides a listing of items counted, partially counted, and not counted as GFA.