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Event Application

We manage the following public spaces in Marina Bay:

  • The Promontory at Marina Bay
  • The Lawn at Marina Bay
  • Event Square
  • Waterfront Promenade
  • Bayfront Event Space

Find out more on the location and size of each event space (PDF).

Refer to the table below for types of events that are allowed within our event spaces.

 Events allowed (subject to approval of application) Events not allowed  
 • National and international (e.g. National Day Parade, Youth Olympic Games)
• Arts and entertainment (e.g. Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore Biennale)
• Cultural and heritage (e.g. Chingay Parade)
• Sports (e.g. dragon boat races, walkathons and runs)
• Community (e.g. kite festivals, carnivals, public movie screenings)
• Private and corporate functions may be considered at the Event Square and The Lawn
• Product launches, car shows or standalone displays, road shows, auctions
• Events and/or activities related directly or indirectly to religion and politics
• Events and/or activities that affect social or racial harmony
• Events and/or activities that pose any risk to public order, safety or health

Adhoc and transitory events

For events with less than 150 participants, for a duration of less than five hours and without set-up (e.g. tables, chairs, tentage) or banners/posters displayed, there is no need to submit any application or venue fees. For such ad hoc use of the spaces, availability is not guaranteed. Please read the Ad Hoc Events Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information on the guidelines. If there is any form of set-up involved for your activity, please write in to us at to enquire further.

Organisers of transitory events (e.g. runs or walks) are required to inform and submit details (i.e. route map) to the respective venue owners/managers to ensure that there is no conflict of events happening on the same day. There will be no fee involved if the event participants are transiting through the area without any setup onsite.

However, if setup is required (e.g. hydration points) the setup must not exceed 9sqm; otherwise NRTOL charges may apply.

Sports and exercise activities

Instructors who are interested to hold organised outdoor exercise classes are no longer required to be registered with SportSG. Classes with no setup can also be conducted at URA-managed public spaces around Marina Bay without an application submitted to URA for official approval.

Usage of any sport-related equipment should be handled with care to avoid any damage to public infrastructure. Precautionary measures should be put in place, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Adequate floor protection for any equipment placed on the ground, especially heavy weights
  2. No tying of resistance bands to any structures onsite e.g. Breeze Shelters, signage
  3. No throwing or slamming of weighted exercise balls or other heavy equipment onto the ground

Essential information to note:

  1. Organised outdoor exercise classes are only allowed on an adhoc basis and without setup or branding (e.g. banners, posters) displayed onsite.
  2. For such adhoc use of the public spaces, availability is not guaranteed.
  3. As no fees would be charged for adhoc activities, no exclusive rights will be accorded for the use of the public spaces. Please use the space responsibly and should there be other users, all parties are strongly encouraged to co-exist and share the space as reasonably possible.
  4. Registered instructors are strongly advised to instruct class participants to arrive only at the start of their class timing and to disperse immediately after class.
  5. Please be mindful of sound levels in consideration of the residents living in the vicinity.

For queries, please write in to us at

Non-Renewable Temporary Occupation Licence (NRTOL)

If your event requires set-up, you must submit an application to obtain a Non-Renewable Temporary Occupation License (NRTOL) for the event to be held on a short-term temporary basis.