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URA seeks public feedback on proposed amendments to the Housing Developers Rules

  Published: 05 January 2022
The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is seeking public feedback on key proposed amendments to the Housing Developers Rules (HDR). The key proposed amendments require developers to provide more information to home buyers to help them make better informed decisions, and enhance the protection for buyers of uncompleted private residential properties. 

The purpose of the HDR is to protect home buyers’ interests by imposing on developers requirements and standard contracts for the sale of uncompleted private residential properties. 

To ensure the HDR remain relevant and effective in protecting home buyers’ interests, we have reviewed the regulations and are conducting a public consultation to seek feedback on the key proposed amendments.

More information to be provided to home buyers by developers 

To help home buyers make better informed decisions, URA is proposing for developers to provide more accurate and detailed information on their housing projects. These include the track records of the developers, storey layout plans of the project, and information on ground rent payable and identity of the landowners. In addition, developers will be required to obtain the relevant authorities’ prior approval for the features of a housing project shown in advertisements, mark out void areas in unit floor plans and provide scaled floor plans for landed properties. 

Terms in Sale and Purchase Agreement to be amended to enhance protection for home buyers 

To enhance protection of home buyers, URA is proposing amendments to the terms in the standard Sale and Purchase Agreement (S&PA). For example, the tolerance level for any shortfall in the area of an actual unit for which developers are required to compensate home buyers will be reduced. Developers will be required to refund home buyers for additional cost items, such as interest paid on loans, loan cancellation charges and legal fees paid, in the event the S&PA is annulled. Home buyers can also expect developers to deliver the facilities and units as committed on the plans as developers will have to build them according to the unit floor plan and site plan provided to home buyers, in addition to the approved building plan today. The 12-month defects liability period and home buyer’s obligation to pay the maintenance charges will also commence closer to the date when home buyers take possession of their properties. 

Please refer to Annex A [PDF, 146kb] for the details of the proposed key amendments. 

Online Public Consultation

We encourage all interested members of the public to submit their feedback online from now until 5 February 2022. URA will take the feedback into consideration before finalising the amendments to the HDR. Update: Please note that the consultation exercise has concluded.