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Winning ideas propose sensitive and creative enhancements to make Changi Point more inclusive

  Published: 03 November 2021

A gastronomical hub set amidst rainforest and coastal landscapes; an experiential district with amenities that showcase Changi Point’s evolution; and a tranquil recreational locale with thematic zones to engage both young and old – these are some of the winning ideas for “Charmingly Changi”, an ideas competition organised by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

Launched in April, the competition invited the public to propose creative ideas to build on the unique identity of Changi Point and enhance the district as a heritage and recreational node along the Greater Rustic Coast. Amongst a total of 134 submissions received, agencies have awarded three winners each for two topics under the open and tertiary categories, with an additional commendation award.

Topic   Category and winners/recipients
1) Concept Master Plan for Changi Point Open: 3 winners, 1 commendation
Tertiary: 3 winners
2) Repurposing of Old Changi Hospital Open: 3 winners
Tertiary: 3 winners


Concept Master Plan for Changi Point: Winning ideas demonstrate sensitivity and inclusiveness in enhancing the area 

The winning submissions leveraged Changi Point’s natural terrain, rich biodiversity and heritage to sensitively enhance the rustic charm of the area. At the same time, they proposed ideas to make Changi Point more inclusive to visitors, such as by introducing new integrated developments, community spaces, and a range of recreational uses and programmes. 

The top entry for the open category, “Changi Point: Nature & Nurturing”,  proposed a forest trail with restored indigenous plants to create a lush landscape for nature lovers, as well as a coastal walk that showcases public art and provides seating spaces for visitors to enjoy the sunset. To celebrate the rich heritage of the area, the top entry for the tertiary category, “Hide and Seek”, envisaged Changi Point as an idyllic resort that provides visitors respite from city life through discovery and relaxation. 

Repurposing of Old Changi Hospital: Building reimagined as hilltop observatory and lifestyle hub

Innovative ideas to repurpose the Old Changi Hospital built on the unique characteristics of the building while proposing differentiated experiences. 

Taking advantage of the unique green setting atop Barrack Hill, the top entry for the open category, “Ascending to the Sky”, proposed repurposing the building as a stargazing and aviation observatory for visitors to experience a panoramic view of the area. Alluding to the former hospital’s historical role as a place for healing and retreat, the top entry for the tertiary category, “Verdant Village @ Changi”, reimagined the building as a verdant village with lifestyle uses to promote well-being.

Chief Executive of SLA Colin Low said, “We are pleased to receive a good response from members of the public, professionals, and students for the Charmingly Changi Ideas Competition, and are impressed by the creativity and high standards of ideas proposed. As Changi Point and its landmarks such as the historic Old Changi Hospital are familiar to many, it is heartening to see that the public is keen to play a role in shaping the future of this unique space."

Chief Executive Officer of URA Lim Eng Hwee said, “The ideas we received reflect the community’s aspirations for Changi Point, and help us draw up plans that strengthen the unique character of the area, while making it more inclusive and relevant to visitors from all walks of life. We look forward to continue working with the community and Singaporeans to collectively shape vibrant and meaningful spaces, and a distinctive Singapore.” 

Agencies will review the proposals received from the competition, and identify suitable ideas and concept to be distilled into the planning parameters for the future plans for Old Changi Hospital and Changi Point. See Annex A [PDF, 1762kb] and www.go.gov.sg/changipointcomp for more information on the winning entries and Annex B [PDF, 321kb] for more information on the ‘Charmingly Changi’ competition.