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Space for our dreams: URA launches year-long public engagement exercise for the Long-Term Plan Review

- Resilience, flexibility and inclusiveness underpin review of Singapore’s long-term plans
- A collective Singaporean vision and shared values to chart Singapore’s next chapter
- Citizens to be stewards of our limited land and partners in shaping plans for a liveable and sustainable future Singapore
  Published: 17 July 2021

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) today launched a year-long public engagement exercise for the Long-Term Plan Review (LTPR), as part of efforts to involve Singaporeans in the review of our long-term land use needs and strategies. To mark the launch, Minister for National Development Desmond Lee and Second Minister for National Development Indranee Rajah hosted some 20 youths at a dialogue this morning, to discuss their hopes and aspirations for Singapore’s living environment in the future.

Stewardship and sustainability core to land use planning

Planning long-term has been fundamental in Singapore’s transformation into a highly liveable city-state today. It allows us to balance social, environmental and economic considerations, and judiciously steward our limited land to guide sustainable development and meet the needs of current and future generations of Singaporeans.

The LTPR is the Government’s latest review of Singapore’s long-term land use plans, which guide development over the next 50 years and beyond. A review is conducted every 10 years to safeguard land for a quality living environment, based on evolving trends and changing demands. Our long-term plans include past Concept Plans since 1971, which laid the foundation of our city’s structure today and guided its land use and infrastructure development over the decades.

Enhancing the approach to land use planning: Resilience, flexibility and inclusiveness underpin the LTPR

Stewardship and sustainability will continue to be core principles that anchor our long-term plans, to optimise the use of land to meet the needs of Singapore and Singaporeans in the next 50 years and beyond.

However, Singapore faces very different circumstances now, where land demands and pressures have become more complex in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and fast-evolving environment. First, we have to consider development, redevelopment and rejuvenation within the confines of our small city-state. Next, trends such as social and demographic changes, economic and technological disruptions, the existential threat of climate change, and unexpected shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic, may significantly impact the way we use our land and our living environment. Our plans will therefore need to be able to adapt and adjust to future trends and challenges, in order to sustain Singaporeans’ quality of life and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

To this end, in the LTPR 2021, URA and relevant agencies are focusing on strengthening the resilience, flexibility and inclusiveness of our long-term plans and strategies. This involves working with the public, and stakeholders from various fields and expertise, to study various trends and developments that could unfold in the future, and their corresponding implications on land use. URA and agencies will develop long-term land use plans and strategies to cater to different future possibilities. This will ensure that our plans are flexible and adaptable to respond to changing needs and circumstances, and sufficient land continues to be safeguarded for sustainable development and a quality living environment.

Charting Singapore’s next chapter together

Our long-term plans have shaped Singaporeans’ living environment and the way we live, work, learn and play over the last 50 years. The LTPR is an opportunity to put Singaporeans at the centre of our plans, by involving them to reimagine and chart Singapore’s future together.

In the LTPR public engagement exercise, URA and relevant agencies will be reaching out to Singaporeans through a wide variety of platforms, to gather their ideas, views and insights concerning Singapore’s future, and discuss issues relating to our living environment. The exercise will run from July 2021 to June 2022, and consists of four phases:

• Phase 1 (17 July 2021 to September 2021): We will engage Singaporeans through platforms such as online polls and workshops, to understand their hopes, aspirations and concerns for Singapore’s future, as well as discuss factors that make a good living environment. Feedback collected will contribute towards shaping a collective vision and shared values for the LTPR, and the development of our long-term plans and strategies.

• Phase 2 (October 2021 to December 2021): Different segments of the population – residents, businesses, professional community and academia – will be invited to participate in facilitated discussions. At these platforms, they will discuss possible land use strategies to achieve the LTPR’s vision and shared values, and address trends and developments that Singapore could face in the future. We will also engage Singaporeans to gather insights on how we should plan our future city, such as housing towns, workplaces and the Central Business District, as well as recreational and familiar places. 

• Phase 3 (January 2022 to March 2022): We will involve the public in further conversations on the set of possible land use strategies developed in Phase 2, and the opportunities and implications they present. This will be done through various platforms, including townhall sessions.

• Phase 4 (April 2022 to June 2022): We will present the long-term land use plans and strategies developed based on the public’s feedback and ideas from earlier phases. 

Throughout the LTPR, we will also consolidate relevant feedback from other conversations, such as the recently concluded Emerging Stronger Conversations and ongoing Singapore Green Plan, to develop Singapore’s long-term land use plans and strategies.

Mr Lim Eng Hwee, CEO of URA, said, “Plans are effective only when they are relevant to the people, and anchored on a shared vision and values that resonate deeply with Singaporeans’ hopes and aspirations. We look forward to partnering Singaporeans to be stewards of our land, and reimagine Singapore together to shape a liveable, sustainable and endearing home for many generations to come.”

Play a part in shaping Singapore’s future – join our LTPR

From today till 16 August 2021, the public can provide their views via an online poll at https://go.gov.sg/ltpr (refer to Annex A [PDF, 124kb] for the poll). Details on subsequent phases will be announced later. The public can also visit https://go.gov.sg/ltpr for information and updates on the LTPR (refer to Annex B [PDF, 122kb] for the inspiration behind the LTPR logo).

The LTPR is expected to be completed in 2022. The resultant plans and strategies will guide Singapore’s long-term development, including the next Master Plan review in 2024. In the nearer-term, URA and relevant agencies will also partner the public and stakeholders to explore ideas and solutions to implement some of these plans and strategies, to progressively realise our collective vision and values for our living environment.

Updated as of 16 Aug 2021: The online poll was extended to 27 Aug 2021.