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Restrictions On The Strata Subdivision of Commercial Properties

  Published: 15 March 2022
Circular No : URA/PB/2022/02-CUDG


Who Should Know:
Developers, building owners, architects and engineers

Effective Date:
15 March 2022

  1. URA has undertaken a review of the application of strata subdivision in commercial or mixed-use developments with a commercial component1. To encourage the upkeep and quality of developments, strata subdivision of the commercial component into individual units within developments located at prominent areas and routes in the Central Area (CA) will not be allowed. The restriction will also apply to redevelopment proposals under the Central Business District (CBD) Incentive and Strategic Development Incentive (SDI) schemes (Ref: URA/PB/2019/02-CUDG).

  2. In general, strata subdivided developments, due to their fragmented ownership, tend to face challenges in maintenance and upkeep. For example, they may have difficulties in obtaining consensus to regularly maintain and/or upgrade the building, which can result in deteriorating physical condition, and in curating a good tenant mix.

  3. The restrictions on strata subdivision aim to:

    1. Ensure the upkeep and quality of developments in prominent areas and routes in the Central Area, by addressing above-mentioned concerns related to fragmented ownership of developments located in these key areas; and

    2. Ensure that redevelopment proposals under the CBD Incentive and SDI schemes are well managed and maintained, as aligned with the objectives of rejuvenation for the various districts.

Details of Guidelines

Locations where guidelines apply

  1. Restrictions on the strata subdivision of the commercial component of developments in the Central Area will be applied to: 

    1. Developments located along Orchard Road, Tanglin Road and Scotts Road (Orchard Road corridor), as shown in Appendix 1-1;

    2. Developments located along Shenton Way, Robinson Road, Anson Road, Raffles Quay, facing Raffles Place Park, and along the Singapore River (CBD corridor), as shown in Appendix 1-2; and

    3. Developments in close proximity to key landmarks of national significance2, as shown in Appendix 1-3
  1. URA may also impose strata subdivision restrictions on other sites of strategic importance in Central Area and Outside Central Area based on the context and significance of each site.

Restrictions on developments approved under Rejuvenation Incentive Schemes

  1. Restrictions on strata subdivision will also be imposed on developments that are approved under the following rejuvenation incentive schemes:

    1. CBD Incentive Scheme (Ref: URA/PB/2019/04-CUDG), and

    2. Strategic Development Incentive (SDI) Scheme (Ref: URA/PB/2019/03-CUDG)

Further Details

  1. The restrictions on strata subdivision will only apply to the commercial component3 of developments.  

  2. As the intention of the guidelines is to limit the number of strata lots within a development to avoid fragmented ownership, strata subdivision for the purpose of delineating boundaries between different uses within mixed-use developments will continue to be permitted. For example, office and retail uses within a development can each form a strata lot.  

  3. Prevailing strata subdivisions restrictions (e.g. as part of Government land sale conditions) will continue to apply. 


  1. For existing developments that are strata subdivided, i.e. developments that have obtained Provisional Permission or submitted an application before 15 March 2022 leading to a Provisional Permission for their strata subdivision application, the above restrictions will apply upon future redevelopment. For all other developments4, the restriction on strata subdivision will be applicable with immediate effect. Notwithstanding, restrictions imposed prior to 15 March 2022 will continue to apply.

  2. I would appreciate it if you could convey the contents of this circular to the relevant members of your respective organisations. You are advised to refer to the Development Control Handbooks and URA’s website for updated guidelines instead of referring to past circulars. 

  3. For other information on the master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, car park locations and availability, private residential property transactions, and conservation areas and buildings, use URA SPACE (Service Portal and Community e-Services). This is an online portal packed with useful data and visualisation to help building professionals, business operators and the general public in their decision-making. It consolidates detailed information on land use and private property into a one-stop platform presented on geospatial maps. For feedback or enquiries, please email us.
Thank You.


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Examples of commercial uses include office, shop and restaurant uses. 

Namely Parliament House, Supreme Court Building, the Padang, and War Memorial Park. 

Namely the commercial component of developments and associated public spaces, e.g. Privately-Owned Public Spaces (POPS), Through Block Links, covered walkways, etc. Medical suites are considered akin to commercial uses and will be subject to the strata subdivision restrictions. Hotel and Serviced Apartment developments are not allowed to be strata subdivided under prevailing guidelines. 

This includes developments that are strata subdivided for the purposes of delineating boundaries between different uses within mixed-use developments (e.g. hotel, office and retail uses are each a strata lot).

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