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Planning Authorisation for Proposed Developments on State Land Rented Out By SLA, JTC and HDB for Temporary Uses

  Published: 15 May 2017
Circular No : URA/PB/2017/04-DCG


Who Should Know:
Tenants, Business Operators, Qualified Persons

Effective Date:
15 May 2017

  1. To simplify the planning application process and reduce business costs, tenants carrying out development works1 on State land2 rented out by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) / Housing Development Board (HDB) / Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) for uses listed in Appendix 1 will no longer need to submit planning applications to URA. For such cases, the respective agencies as landlords would have already done some prior assessment on the proposed development works in consultation with URA. Tenants will only need to seek the landlord’s consent. The proposed developments listed, are deemed authorised as long as they comply with the conditions set out in the Appendix.
  1. The new authorisations are in addition to the existing authorisation for change of use and minor additions & alterations of State properties rented out by SLA on short-term tenancy listed in Appendix 2.
  1. The authorisation does not apply to gazetted conserved buildings and monuments, as well as selected sites that are subject to special planning controls which will be made known in the tender and tenancy conditions. For such cases, URA requires planning applications for all proposed development works to be submitted for approval. Tenants will be guided to make the planning applications to URA when they seek the landlord’s consent for their development works.

Clearance from other Government agencies

  1. Tenants are still required to seek clearance from relevant government agencies (e.g. Fire Safety and Shelter Department, Building & Construction Authority, Land Transport Authority) for their proposals. No development works shall commence without the landlord’s prior approval and clearances from the relevant technical agencies.
  1. I would appreciate it if you could convey the contents of this circular to your members. For other information on the master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, car park locations and availability, private residential property transactions, and conservation areas and buildings, use URA SPACE (Service Portal and Community e-Services). This is an online portal packed with useful data and visualisation to help building professionals, business operators and the general public in their decision-making. It consolidates detailed information on land use and private property into a one-stop platform presented on geospatial maps. For feedback or enquiries, please email us.
Thank You.


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1 Development works include new erection of temporary structures, additions & alterations and/or change of use to existing buildings in connection to the interim uses.

2 State land refers to any land owned by SLA/HDB/JTC for which the statutory board has granted a tenancy or licence for interim uses and for a tenure of up to 10 years.

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