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Update to Safe Management Measures for show galleries

  Published: 24 March 2022
Circular No : coh22-05
Our Ref : URA/COH/Circular

Advisory to Housing Developers

Who Should Know:
All developers with a sale licence

Effective Date:
With effect from 29 March 2022

  1. As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 24 Mar 2022, the Safe Management Measures (SMM) will be eased.

  2. From 29 Mar 2022, if there are more than 1,000 persons at any one time in the show gallery, the capacity limit will be computed based on 8sqm per person.

  3. There are no changes to the other SMM for show galleries that are set out in our advisory on 15 Mar 2022
  4. Mask wearing to remain as the default;
    a. Safe distancing is encouraged, but will no longer be required between masked individuals and groups;
    b. Vaccination Differentiated SMM (VDS)1 continues to be applicable;
    c. No consumption of food and beverage for visitors within the show gallery; and
    d. No capacity limit provided that there are no more than 1,000 persons, including salespersons, developer’s staff and agents, at any one time.
    1only those who are fully vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19 within the last 180 days or are medically ineligible for COVID-19 vaccines under the National Vaccination programme or children aged 12 years and below are allowed to enter into show galleries.

  5. Developers who wish to hold in person events at show galleries, where food and beverages are to be served, will have to comply with the following SMMs in addition to those already applicable to show galleries:
    a. Group size capped at 10 persons;
    b. 1m safe distance between groups of up to 10 persons;
    c. Participants should continue to exercise prudence and restraint, and as far as possible, limit their interactions to the same group they are seated with especially since masks would be removed whilst eating or drinking.

    For more information, please refer to .

  6. For new show galleries, developers are required to submit the updated SMM checklist, in the attached format, to the Controller at least 2 working days before opening your show gallery.

  7. Developers with existing show galleries who have submitted the SMM checklist based on the SMM guidelines issued on 15 Mar 2022, will not need to submit an updated SMM checklist to the Controller unless they intend to have more than 1,000 persons in the show gallery at any one time. Developers who wish to adopt the revised SMM guidelines that take effect from 29 Mar 2022, are required to submit the updated SMM checklist, in the attached format, to the Controller from 29 Mar 2022 onwards and no later than 2 working days after the adoption of the revised SMM.

  8. As the situation is evolving, please continue to keep abreast of the latest announcements and take immediate steps to comply with the new requirements. We seek your understanding and cooperation to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

  9. If you need to contact us, please email to .
Thank You.


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