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The Post Collective City: A photo exhibition at AUDE Space

  Category: Shape-A-Distinctive-City
The Post Collective City Photo Exhibition at AUD Space

The Post-Collective City is a 3-part project spanning a 20-year photographic narrative on the memory and imagery of the city arising from urban transformation. 

The project begins from the artist’s perspective, exploring places, landmarks, and civic structures in various states of stasis or disappearance. This evolves to encompass a larger social dimension by inviting public participation by contributing their memories of these landmarks to eventually making their own images using disposable cameras. Thousands of images were gathered, and gradually a new tableau of our city unfolds. 

The results offer insight to our perception of the city – personal identities that contribute to shaping the national consciousness through images of places that span the personal to the national. In doing so, they are at once intimate and familiar, as well as shared and universal. 

What are your memories of the city that make up your identity and heritage? Visit the exhibition and leave your thoughts on the collective snapshots of various aspects of the city we inhabit.

Date : 4 May to 4 July 2023
Venue: URA Centre ground floor, 45 Maxwell Road


About the curator

The exhibition is curated and presented by Peter Victor King, with contributions from the public and photographers. 

Peter is an architect, photographer, sculptor, and visual artist. His work revolves around urban memory, objects of identity and more recently, the industrial picturesque. A self-professed polymath, his experience extends beyond the confines of built architecture to include photography, sculpture, and urbanism. The work navigates the margins of architecture and the city, sifting through the trappings and detritus of progress in the attempt to reveal the disjunction between the idealized aspects of intention and its constructed double. 

Peter currently teaches at the School of Art Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University.