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Better data accessibility and user experience with URA’s enhanced planning and real estate information e-services

  Published: 07 October 2020

As part of continuous efforts to make planning and real estate information more easily accessible and user-friendly for the public, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has launched enhanced versions of its key e-services, namely URA SPACE, Real Estate Information System (REALIS) and URA’s property market information webpage. These complementary e-services help promote market transparency and allow citizens and professionals to make better-informed decisions relating to property development and transactions.

URA SPACE: A map-based, self-help data tool for the public

First launched in 2016, URA SPACE is a map-based platform that allows users to access a comprehensive array of up-to-date planning and real estate information. This includes the latest Master Plan where users can find the land use zoning and permissible development intensity for every parcel of land, as well as the Underground Space Plan. Information such as planning decisions, allowable uses for all private shophouse premises, and past real estate transactions are also available on URA SPACE.

The latest improvements to URA SPACE include new features and datasets to help business operators, industry professionals and the general public make better-informed decisions, by allowing them to search for location and development-specific data more efficiently.

More intuitive and efficient access to information and services

The new ‘Popular map services’ list enables the public to quickly view information related to current and past Master Plans, check on development charge rates and buy season parking at carparks, amongst other functions.

List of popular map services for quick access
List of popular map services for quick access

Another new feature, ‘Explore Development Site’, consolidates and organises site-specific planning information into streamlined categories.

Building owners interested in redeveloping a property will be able to easily retrieve information on planning parameters such as building height, setback controls and relevant conservation guidelines, as well as site-level information on development charge rates.

Consolidated site-specific data under 'Explore Development Site'
Consolidated site-specific data under 'Explore Development Site'

More planning and real estate information for improved market transparency

In line with URA’s goal to provide more comprehensive planning and development information, planning decisions from 1990 to 1999 have been digitised and added to URA SPACE. This adds to the existing repository of planning decisions from 2000 already available.

Users can now download planning decisions issued since 1990 free-of-charge. The ready availability of these documents will aid industry professionals in carrying out project evaluations.

Data on the stock of private residential properties across the island has also been added to URA SPACE and is searchable by project name and location. With these enhancements, members of the public can easily find information such as the approved number of dwelling units in completed private residential projects, as well as past trends in the sales and rentals of such residential properties.

 The ability to examine private residential information at a glance
The ability to examine private residential information at a glance

Visit URA SPACE at https://www.ura.gov.sg/maps.

To facilitate market trend analysis, URA has expanded historical data on private residential property sale and rental transactions on URA SPACE as well as on URA’s property market information webpage from the past three years to the past five years.

The public can access the expanded set of property sale and rental transaction information via URA SPACE as well as through the following links:
1. Private Residential Property Transactions
2. Private Commercial Property Transactions with Caveats Lodged
3. Rental Contracts of Private Residential Properties

The full suite of free property market data can be accessed via https://www.ura.gov.sg/Corporate/Property/Property-Data.

New features in REALIS for easier real estate data analysis and better user experience

First launched in 2001, REALIS is a subscription-based platform that allows subscribers to access detailed and comprehensive data on Singapore’s property market. These include granular data on property sale and rental transactions, price and rental indices, supply in the pipeline, as well as stock and vacancies.

An enhanced version of REALIS with more user-friendly features has been launched. New features include new data charting and analytics functions, customisable data dashboards and search tools, frequently used data reports, a more secure login method and an upgraded user interface for smoother website navigation.

 Example of the Residential Transaction Search results page on the enhanced REALIS
Example of the Residential Transaction Search results page on the enhanced REALIS

Real estate professionals and members of the public interested in detailed information on Singapore’s real estate market can find out more about REALIS subscription plans at https://www.ura.gov.sg/realis.

URA will continue to refresh the data content and tools of its information e-services regularly, to cater to the evolving needs of industry stakeholders as well as the general public.