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Revision of Development Charge Rates

  Published: 28 February 2020

The Ministry of National Development has revised the development charge (DC) rates for the period 1 March 2020 to 31 August 2020.  The review is carried out on a half-yearly basis in consultation with the Chief Valuer. 
The DC rates for Use Group B2 {Residential, (non-landed)} have decreased.  The DC rates remain unchanged for Use Groups A (Commercial), B1 {Residential, (landed)}, C (Hotel/Hospital), D (Industry), E (Place of Worship / Civic and Community Institution), and 3 other Use Groups F, G and H. (See Appendix 1 [PDF, 58kb] for Table of DC Rates).

The DC rates for Use Group B2 {Residential, (non-landed)} have decreased by 0.2% on average.  5 out of the 118 sectors have reduction in DC rates ranging from 3% to 7%.  Rates are unchanged for the remaining 113 sectors. The largest decrease of 7% applies to the following sectors:

  • Sector 34 (Sophia Road / Upper Wilkie Road / Mackenzie Road / Niven Road / Kirk Terrace / Adis Road)
  • Sector 35 (Cavenagh Road / Bukit Timah Road / Mackenzie Road / Upper Wilkie Road / Edinburgh Road / Buyong Road)

There are no changes to the Use Groups Table and the Geographical Sector maps.

The revised DC rates (Appendix 1 [PDF, 58kb]), to be read in conjunction with the Use Groups Table (Appendix 2 [PDF, 56kb]) and the set of Geographical Sector maps* (Map A [PDF, 3MB] and Map B [PDF, 6.7MB]), will be effective from 1 March 2020. The new rates will apply to cases which are granted Provisional Permission (PP) or 2nd and subsequent extensions to the PP on or after the effective date. 

If there is any disagreement over the DC payable for any development proposal calculated based on the rates under the respective Use Groups, developers and owners can opt for a case-by-case valuation by the Chief Valuer, as provided for in the Planning Act.

For media enquiries on DC sectors and use groups, please contact Ms Yak Pek Ching from URA at Tel. No. 6321 6513. For media enquiries on valuation matters, please contact Ms Clara Ng from IRAS at Tel No. 6351 2069.

* Please use the Development Charge (DC) Sector Maps and Rates to find out the DC sector number and rates of a particular site.