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Factsheet on Master Developer and Kampong Bugis

  Published: 07 March 2017

The Master Developer Approach

A single developer for a precinct or district – known as the Master Developer – will comprehensively master plan the area to achieve the vision and development outcomes. Instead of individual land plots determined upfront by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the Master Developer has the flexibility to put forward proposals in the form of a master plan and urban design plan within a broad set of planning parameters. This approach can help achieve better integration between buildings and public spaces, connectivity and amenities. When well executed, it can contribute towards building stronger precinct identity and local communities.

Master Developer Approach for Kampong Bugis

Background on Kampong Bugis

The Kampong Bugis precinct has a land area of around 17.4 hectares and is bounded by Kallang Road, Kallang River and Crawford Street. It is earmarked for future private residential use, with a few pockets of existing developments, and will be supported with commercial and communal amenities. The precinct can potentially yield up to 4,000 new homes.

The Kampong Bugis precinct is envisaged to incorporate design features and urban planning concepts that promote:

  1. Active mobility and a car-lite vision, with a comprehensive network of pedestrian walkways and cycling paths that is well connected to the Lavender and Kallang MRT stations, and Kallang River promenade;
  2. Community building, with people-centric community and green spaces, and
  3. Sustainability, with district level systems such as water-sensitive urban design to enhance storm water treatment and attractiveness of the environment.

Master Developer for Kampong Bugis

A Master Developer will be chosen to develop Kampong Bugis through an integrated master plan and development approach to achieve the above planning outcomes.

URA will stipulate broad planning parameters for the land use and intensity for the entire precinct, instead of individual land parcels. The Master Developer will be given flexibility to plan and develop the entire precinct.

To ensure quality outcome for a precinct of such scale under the Master Developer, a rigorous evaluation process would be put in place to assess the master plan and concept proposal submitted by the developer. The supply of residential units will also be phased to sync with market demand and supply. URA has started industry consultations to draw up the development parameters and tender requirements for the site. More details will be shared at a later stage.