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Engaging youths through


Since the return of the former railway lands to Singapore last year, the Rail Corridor has sparked widespread public interest. Spanning the length of the country from north to south, it has the potential to become a signature public space and an extraordinary feature of Singapore’s landscape in future. Many people have come forward with interesting ideas and proposals on the future use of the lands and a significant number of ideas were submitted by students in URA’s recent “Journey of Possibilities” Ideas Competition.

URA set up ProjecTRIP, a student engagement programme to raise awareness among our youths. The programme aims to help secondary school students articulate their aspirations on how the Corridor can be meaningfully developed to meet their needs and that of society’s. ProjecTRIP features interactive workshops, creative activities and a variety of programmes to empower the students in building their visions for the Rail Corridor.

We hope to grow a community of educators and students who would like to use the Rail Corridor as a spring board to learn about Singapore’s past and present, and also the possibilities it may present for all Singaporeans in the future. Check out more updates on ProjecTRIP.


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