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Planning matters

by Sabrina Khoo

How can we get the younger generation to think about Singapore’s challenges and constraints? How does Singapore balance varying needs within the constraints of our limited land? Land use issues have become increasingly important and even students can play a part. URA’s latest educational resources will enable students to learn and discuss planning and land use topics in a fun and engaging manner.

SingCity (For all levels)

This dynamic three-stage game challenges students to race against time and plan their ideal city within a limited budget and land space. Game participants will need to balance conflicting needs, such as social, economic or health needs to create a memorable city. Based on Singapore’s context, the game is now available online and can be played anytime, anywhere. The Singapore City Gallery also features the game which can be played by up to eight players at one time.

My home, my neighbourhood, my country (For upper primary levels)

How does our environment shape the way we live? How can we play a part in improving our environment? This series of suggested learning activities and worksheets offer Upper Primary students an immersive experience into understanding basic planning and urban design considerations used to guide the development of streets, neighbourhoods and the country. It will broaden their appreciation and understanding of their physical surroundings and enable them to better relate to Singapore’s larger challenges and constraints. It encourages creative thinking and for students to challenge what they see in their physical environment.

It is applicable for English and Social Studies lessons. It covers three classroom lesson activities and includes an optional visit to the Singapore City Gallery, with accompanying worksheets. A comprehensive teachers’ lesson plan is available, with specially prepared student worksheets for every activity. This set of resources was developed together with Admiralty Primary School. The school piloted it in nine Primary Four classes during English lessons. Both teachers and students found the learning experience enriching and engaging. More schools have indicated their interest to offer this learning experience in their classrooms.

Singapore City Gallery worksheets (For primary and secondary levels)

While the Singapore City Gallery was designed for self-discovery, the many exhibits and information may be overwhelming for schools visiting for the first time. Specially designed worksheets for Primary and Secondary Schools are now available to enable students to gain a more structured learning experience from their visit. From knowing what a city needs and maximising land use, to conserving our heritage and designing the city, the worksheets help students understand the fundamentals of planning and urban design strategies and concepts that help shape Singapore’s physical landscape.

Discussion articles (For upper secondary and tertiary levels)

Why is the development of Marina Bay important for Singapore’s growth? What makes Marina Bay unique? What does sustainability mean? How does Singapore plan for sustainability? These advanced worksheets encourage students to think more about Singapore’s challenges and constraints and discuss key land use related projects and issues.

All the resources mentioned are available online at the Singapore City Gallery. More educational resources will be developed over time. To get updates on new resources, workshops and programmes for schools, do sign up to be on our mailing list. E-mail us if you would like to collaborate with us or have ideas to share.


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