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More reasons to sit at

Marina Bay

by Serene Tng

Sleek, cool and quirky — sitting around Marina Bay has become more fun with 10 new outdoor benches added along the waterfront promenade. Inspired by water, nature, ships, tongkangs, waves and even endangered animals like the Malayan Tapir, LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE) students gave the Bay area a new twist with creatively designed public benches.

Look out for the cute Malayan Tapir (named “tAPY”), raising awareness about the endangered species. There is also the stylish “Voisel”, inspired by the elegant, curved design of the tongkangs (light wooden boats) used in the early days of Singapore. And the beautiful “Dandelion” with its wavy, gold dandelion stalks, celebrates Singapore’s reputation as a city in a garden.

This initiative is a collaboration between LASALLE and URA as part of URA’s ongoing “My Marina Bay, My Inspiration” programme, to encourage students and community groups to draw inspiration from the Bay and translate it into innovative ideas to liven up the public space. Ten designs were selected from some 40 submissions based on their originality, functionality, durability and buildability.

The benches will be on display for up to one year at the promenade. Popular designs could be replicated for permanent installation along the waterfront. Fun Siew Leng, URA’s Group Director of Urban Planning & Design said, “We are glad to have this opportunity to work with the students from LASALLE on this design project. Marina Bay is a great platform for students to showcase their talents. Through this project, we hope to create small delights for visitors to Marina Bay.”

The street furniture project is part of a series of three projects in the URA-LASALLE collaboration. The other two projects — undertaken by Level Three students from LASALLE’s Design Communication BA (Hons) programme — are themed façade decoration designs for the Marina Bay City Gallery and outdoor posters to reflect the vibrancy of Marina Bay. The façade decorations and outdoor posters have been installed since July 2012. They will be rotated throughout the year.


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