In 1992, URA set in place the vision for Albert Mall - a uniquely Singaporean mall, blending all the colours of street activities that aptly express our multicultural heritage. A gathering place where the locals would find familiar and endearing.

Constructing the mall

Designed and built by URA, Albert Mall is a cross section stretching from Bugis Village to Bencoolen Street and from Middle Road to Rochor Road. The construction of Albert Mall was carried out in two phases. Phase I, along Albert Centre and Fu Lu Shou Complex, started in November 1996 and was completed in early September 1997. Phase II, involving the stretch at Waterloo Street, fronting Kwan Im and Sri Krishnan Temples, began in mid 1997. The plan called for a spacious setting for more street activities.

Albert Mall today

Albert Mall was completed in May 1998. It is now a landscaped pedestrian-friendly place, where festival markets and entertainment street activities often take place. It has now become a gathering place for the community to savour its colourful street life.

Where else can you find the koyok man selling medicated snake oil that is a secret 'family recipe' for generations - it even comes complete with a real snake to enchant the believers! And surely the florists gathered outside the Kwan Im Temple, eagerly calling out to devotees to purchase lotus flowers as a religious offering, would be hard to miss!

Hawker delights, local snacks and fruits on push carts, al fresco dining - you name it, you'll find it in Albert Mall. Tourists will find the array of local offerings, be they souvenirs, food or street performances, a delight to the senses.

Snake oil for anyone? A 'koyok man' capturing the attention of passers-by.


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August 2002


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Albert Mall today with an exciting array of stalls, from fruits to souvenirs.

Waterloo Street outside the Kuan Im Temple was then a potential hazard for motorists and pedestrians (topmost). It is now a pedestrian-friendly street with street vendors eagerly calling out to passers-by (above).
Kung Fu kids at the mall.
The plan for Albert Mall, stretching from Bugis Village to Bencoolen Street and from Middle Road to Rochor Road.