Concept Master Plan and Concept Proposals

Lines of Life is a people-centric spine that stitches the nation with a collection of various lives. It aims to make the Rail Corridor highly visible, accessible, connected and relatable to communities, not just from north to south of Singapore, but from west to east as well. It also envisions the Corridor as an inspiring and relaxing environment that adds to the high quality of life in Singapore, as well as a catalyst to strengthen community bonding vis-à-vis Singapore's development.

Lines of Life espouses six design objectives that guide the development of its concept designs.



1.    An Inspiring Rail Corridor strong in identity and culture that catalyses and inspires a healthier and more active lifestyle among all Singaporeans through a range of quality and differentiated activities. Highlights include:

  • Eight distinctively-themed stretches along the Rail Corridor that epitomise a unique character of the Corridor at each stretch; and
  • 10 activity nodes along the Rail Corridor that offer a variety of quality experiences for the community. Each node will cater to a distinctive function and activity that relate strongly to its surrounding landscape and communities.



2.    An Accessible Rail Corridor that is a highly visible, accessible, connected and welcoming public space for people living and working along its entire route. Highlights include:

  • 122 access points along the Rail Corridor that are accessible within 400m or a 5-minute walk from the nearest housing estate or workplace;
  • A comprehensive signage an wayfinding system at key locations; and
  • Strengthening and reinstating crossings through different design typologies, to provide seamless connectivity along the entire Corridor.



3.    A Comfortable Rail Corridor that is safe for all activities and supports a healthier lifestyle. Highlights include:

  • A seamless and connected path system for different Rail Corridor users, designed differently to correspond to the Corridor's landscape and cater to different users' needs. The use of permeable concrete pavers also allows configuration of the path system to suit the use and surroundings;
  • Amenities such as lighting, toilets, resting points, water points and shower facilities by introducing 21 modular 'platforms' along the entire Rail Corridor; and
  • Safer and more seamless crossings, as well as site furniture and lighting.



4.    A Memorable Rail Corridor that recaptures the history and heritage of the Rail Corridor through adaptive reuse of former railway buildings and artefacts. Highlights include:

  • Restoring and repairing railway buildings, artefacts and structures, and putting them to new uses to celebrate the railway heritage and identity of the Rail Corridor; and
  • Use of design motifs and elements to re-establish connectivity along the Rail Corridor and link people back to memories of Singapore's railway heritage.



5.    An Eco-friendly Rail Corridor that is sensitively designed and functions as a green spine and encyclopaedia of nature of Singapore. Highlights include:

  • Identifying four habitats along the Rail Corridor with strategies to preserve, restore and enhance the biodiversity. Strategies include limiting pedestrian movement to a minimum width and introducing native species; and
  • Identifying four approaches to water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) to achieve sustainable development for the Corridor.



6.    A Growing Rail Corridor in which local stakeholders and the community inspire other Singaporeans to come together to take ownership of the Rail Corridor to ensure its long term sustainability. Highlights include:

  • Involving the community in programming and maintaining the Rail Corridor; and
  • A Lines of Life mobile app to enhance user experience along the Rail Corridor, and leveraging on Geospatial Information System (GIS) to conduct surveys, promote community ownership and participation in building sustainability along the Rail Corridor.

Queensway Viaduct - The Passage of Light

The viaduct space features an attractive interactive lighting, seating, community deck and amenities and a firefly swale garden.


Buona Vista - The Cultural Valley

An urban, vibrant and dynamic plaza that can hold events e.g. outdoor movie screenings, mass exercise, catering to both the adjacent one-north Business Park community and surrounding Queenstown residents.


Fair-face brick drain - The Eco-Loop

The eco-loop brings users nearer to the heritage drain to appreciate and learn about the biodiversity in the ecologically-rich area.


Bukit Timah Railway Station - The Station Garden

The Station Garden provides spaces and amenities like a bicycle station, café, as well as spaces for larger events like the Green Corridor Run in a lush green environment.


Mayfair Park - The Community Cave

The viaduct will have a combination of relaxing and active facilities such as community decks for yoga and a climbing wall for the more adventurous.


Former Bukit Timah Fire Station - The Green Connector

A hub for eco-based activities such as camping and educational programmes with a lookout tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.


Stagmont Ring - The Canal Village

A bustling community hub with a diversity of programmes and amenities for neighbouring residents including community farming plots, a children's playground, BBQ lawns and fishing ponds.


Opposite Kranji MRT Station - The Northern Nexus

The multi-recreational centre provides facilities such as a bicycle station. It is the launch point for kayaking into the Mandai River and to start a day's activity or outing on the Rail Corridor.